Joining profiles into O-rings

The connection of profiles into o-rings currently takes place in two forms:

  • by gluing joints
  • by vulcanizing joints

Bonding joints

  • in this production process, the required length of seal is cut according to your requirements (the joint can be either perpendicular or oblique to ensure stronger adhesive joints)
  • then the profile is cleaned and, if the material requires it (eg silicone seals) a primer is applied (a substance ensuring significantly better tack of joints)
  • the next step is the gluing with a second glue.
  • the last production step is to check the joint by a tensile test

Vulcanized joints

  • this process is much more difficult
  • as with gluing the joints, the first step is to cut to the required length
  • then comes the cleaning
  • preparation of raw mixture for vulcanized joint
  • vulcanization itself
  • modification of vulcanized joint
  • joint inspection and testing

The whole process takes place on special single-purpose vulcanizing presses. The great advantage of this process is the improvement of the dynamic properties of the joint and the possibility of producing o-rings from 350 mm to several meters

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