HNBR – Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber

Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber excellent mechanical values, good tear resistance when hot, for peroxidically cross-linked vulcanizate, very good flexibility, good behavior at low temperatures, excellent abrasion resistance, good/excellent pressure deformation difference, excellent aging resistance (ozone, hot air), good/excellent resistance to a lot of technical oils even in the presence of aggressive media, such as hydrogen sulfide and amines


Temperature range from -60 °C to + 220 °C, not suitable for steam, excellent resistance to aging, ozone, fuels, solvents, chemicals, mineral oils and fats, main usability: aviation and cosmonautics, automotive industry.

CO / ECO: epichlorohydrin rubber

Epichlorohydrin rubber very high resistance to swelling in contact with mineral oils and fuels, high heat resistance, the best ozone resistance, the lowest gas and fuel permeability, good fire-fighting properties, good flexibility at low temperatures, used in automotive industry .

ACM – Polyacrylate rubber

Polyacrylate rubber excellent resistance to hot oils, dry heat, good resistance to aging, ozone and weather conditions, suitable for parts with special requirements for oil and high temperature resistance e.g. in automobiles, engines and in the manufacture of devices. in automobiles, engines and in the manufacture of devices.

FKM-FDM: Fluoro rubber

Fluoro rubber usable temperature range from -20 °C to + 310 °C, very ggod mechanical properties even at higher temperatures, excellent resistance to ozone, oxygen, heat, oils, many solvents, fuels, chemicals not resistant to alkalis, low absorption rate and very good electrical insulation values

VMQ – MVQ: Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber usable temperature range from -60 °C to + 240 °C, not suitable for steam, very good resistance to aging, ozone, water and mineral oils, good electrical properties, physiologically harmless, tasteless and odorless

IIR – butyl rubber

Butyl rubber excellent resistance to oxygen, ozone, aging, high temperatures, steam, chemical action, low gas permeability, very little flexibility and therefore good damping not resistant to mineral oils and fats.

CSM – Chlorosulfonated polyethylene

Chlorosulfonated polyethylene good resistance to ozone, aging, acids and number of chemicals, good resistance to electric breakdown and good resistance to inflammation conditional oil resistance

CR – Chloroprene rubber

Chloroprene rubber excellent resistance to weather conditions, ozone and inflammation conditional oil resistance not resistant to petrol, benzene, toluene, ester and ketone.